What’s your legacy going to be?

Or, will you even have one?

I know I won’t ever be famous (no thanks really). I won’t build the next piece of high tech. Create art, or design anything much. But I think I can make an impact in people’s lives. First and foremost, in my children’s. But even more than that.

I hope to teach my kids so many things I’ve started a list. They see it and ask what’s that? So I explain a little. Really, hopefully I live it well enough to teach by example. I believe, kids learn what they live. Being a good parent isn’t about leaving a legacy, don’t get that impression. It definitely comes from love!

I am lucky enough to manage a wonderful group of people. Some young first time employees, and some adults. I get to teach and train, and and in some cases guide them. But I also try to lead them. Setting an example about work ethic, and decision making. Maybe I can leave a mark, maybe not. Maybe someone will look back to when they worked for me and say they learned something…. At least it’s something to shoot for!