Have you ever had one of those a ha moments, where your like “that makes sense” or “I’m such an idiot for not thinking of that earlier.”

It happened to me today. I was patiently waiting in traffic where two lanes merged into to one. A couple cars passed in the empty lane scooting forward skipping ahead in line. And I thought “A-hole, what makes you so special?” Typical road rage stuff. Then I thought, I bet he thinks he’s clever or something, and he thinks he’s getting away with something, or he’s in such a rush its acceptable.

Then it hit me. Oh my god! I have been that guy! Made excuses in my head as to why I cut everyone else off. Today I wasn’t in such a rush, and I was in a good mood. So I merged early. Profound right!

I wish more people had moments like this, I bet the world would be better place, or traffic might go a little easier.